Why I moved…

Hi everyone!  Well, you’re probably wondering…why did she move?  Somehow one of my students found my blogster account and even though everything I write about is perfectly appropriate for all ages, I don’t like the idea that my students know what I do on my weekends or how I feel about my grandmother dying.  Some are not the most sensitive souls in the universe, so some privacy is desired.  So if you’re here that means I’ve invited you and I hope you will enjoy reading!

This weekend was a lot of fun which is why it probably went by so incredibly fast.  On Saturday morning, I made pancakes.  We followed our carb fest up with a hike and then we went to The Echo and saw three cool bands: The Driftwood Singers, Triple Chicken Foot, and The Dustbowl Revivial.  I especially enjoyed The Driftwood Singers.  4K3VpoKnJ5w  (link to the song “Coco Ellis” by The Driftwood Singers)

Today we went to my aunt’s house. Ben got to meet my cousin, Michaela, for the first time. She’s been studying in Wales (getting her PhD in Creative Writing at Swansea University).  We spent the afternoon with them and had fun playing with all the kiddies.

Ben starts his second semester of school tomorrow and the second semester of the school year at Chaminade starts for me tomorrow as well.  I’m hoping it’s better than the first! 🙂


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